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Answering your questions is one of our favorite things to do. Here are the answers to a few of the most common queries:

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When Is The Best Time To Go?

The best way to answer this question is to start with the least best time to go. Generally late March to Early May is rainy with rains again in November. Every other time is great with different benefits. January-February and part of March is a good time, is less crowded and the wildebeest migration is in a more accessible part of the Serengeti. June-August is the dry season. The grass is low and water is less plentiful so you can observe wildlife congregating at the remaining watering holes. In September-October the Great Migration is up in the more remote northern part of the Serengeti, an optimal place to witness this spectacle. December-January is also a great time to go. Why not celebrate the holidays in Africa!
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Is it Safe?

This most asked question is simple to answer - yes it is very safe. The open, honest and friendly people are a big reason we fell in love with Africa. Tourism is important and their warm pride in being great hosts will make you feel welcome and appreciated throughout your stay.
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Can I Eat the Food and Drink the Water?

Yes. Bottled water is provided everywhere for you. All food is prepared in a manner that appeals to your tastes and avoids health problems. The cuisine is fresh and plentiful. Wait until you try the sensational soups, delicious local fish and meats and wide variety of bananas!
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What if I Get Hurt or Sick Over There?

While our preparation and care make the chances of that happening extremely remote, Infinite Safari Adventures has you covered in a way few other companies do. When you book one of our trips we automatically enroll you in an in-country rescue service that will fly you from the bush to a hospital in either Nairobi or Dar es Salaam. Infinite Safari Adventures can also assist you in obtaining air evacuation service through Global Rescue, a U.S. medical air evacuation service that handles many National Geographic expeditions. Your health and safety are always our number one concern.
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What Other Expenses Can I Expect to Incur?

Our trips are 100% all-inclusive. You may see other trips that appear less expensive, but cheapest is not always the best and you are going a long way for a once in a lifetime experience. Also other companies may not include internal air or they cut costs by subjecting you to long drives between destinations or staying in accommodations outside the parks. With Infinite Safari Adventures your price includes everything from the moment you land to the moment you are taken to the airport for your international flight home. All your food, lodging, guides, internal travel, transfers, park fees, in country evacuation insurance and specialized equipment are included in your package. Except for your international air travel, the only other expenses you will incur are drinks, souvenirs, tips and personal items
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What Do I Need to Pack?

All of your traveling is done in our safari vehicles and internal air transportation. We recommend that you pack lightly and pack in a soft-sided duffel bag that will allow for easier packing on your vehicle and in the plane. We prefer to keep the weight to about 35 pounds per person. As you get closer to your departure date we will provide you with a detailed packing list but are happy to answer questions at any time. For clothing, all you need during your travel is light weigh safari pants and shirts. It is warm there. At night on the Ngorongoro Crater rim it can become chilly so we recommend one lightweight fleece jacket. One of our “tricks” is to recommend slip-on walking shoes so you can easily take them on and off if you want to stand on the seat to get a better photographic angle! For your specialized adventures (climbing, kayaking, etc.) we can advise you on what you need to bring though most gear and equipment will be provided for you.
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Do I Have to Worry About Bugs and Snakes?

No. While you may encounter the occasional fly or mosquito the areas we travel are relatively bug free. As for snakes, you are not wandering around in tall grass and they avoid heavily trafficked areas so there are no worries.
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What Kind of Photographic Equipment Should I Take?

We have had people shoot everything from a cell phone camera to professional equipment. We are passionate about photography and can discuss with you. The light there is beautiful. There are no camera stores nearby so make sure you bring a sufficient number of batteries and storage cards. However, you will be able to charge batteries at the lodges and in your vehicle. It is a delicate balance between traveling light and taking all the equipment you may need. You will be very close to the animals. Tripods will not be needed in the vehicles (plus they get in the way) as Infinite Safaris, in another attention to detail (and another of our secrets -shhh don't tell anyone), will provide bean bags for you to rest your lens on the rim of the car to get that great shot.
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What if I Have More Questions?

We love questions! Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Simply email at us at
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