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I lost my wife a couple of years ago and this was on our bucket list. I had an opportunity to do this with my 4 kids age18-24 and it was literally, and unanimously, the trip of a lifetime!! The locations/accommodations were great, it really gave us a good overview of the beauty and variety of Tanzania. I can't say enough good things about Baraka, he was the epitome of professionalism, and his enthusiasm for sharing his vast knowledge of the landscape, vegetation, the native people, and of course the wildlife was really something. We all hated to say goodbye. Thank you for everything.

David N.
Standish, Maine

Our African adventure was amazing!!!! Yes, we saw four major crossings with two kills...one on video! Two elephant crossings...so cool. The gorilla trek was not that bad. We were prepared to hike in and the encounter made it well worth it. And the cheetahs were worth the wait...we spent about 40 minutes with them...we were the only ones there!

The guides were awesome. Anderson (Rwanda) was very knowledgeable and very happy to share stories about Rwanda and especially his family's survival. Shatri (No. Serengeti) was simply amazing...25 years old with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He knew where and when to be in the right place for the best view of the action! Baraka...what can I say, the consummate professional!!!! To the point of finding a place to get Rose's glasses fixed.

Our hotels and tent camps were comfortable especially the Kaskaz Mara camp. And the facilities were outstanding!

Mark & Rose L.
Valencia CA

Asante sana – thank you Infinite Safari Adventures!! I have recently returned from my 12 day Kenya trip with my adult daughter. I love telling my friends and family about our amazing trip and showing them some of the beautiful pictures we were able to get. One big reason the trip was so remarkable was because we worked with Alan, the owner of Infinite Safari Adventures, and his Kenyan partner, Daniel. I had never been to Africa before, and I knew I wanted someone to take care of everything for me. I got that – and so much more. Alan’s love for Africa and his sincere desire to help others experience this wonderful place came through with each conversation. Alan listened carefully and created an itinerary that included all the things we wanted to see and do and he worked with our budget. Our safari team was knowledgeable, kind and considerate. We saw the Big 5 – and so much more! We saw 25 different animals and 20 different birds. I was surprised how close to the animals we could be. While watching elephants wrap their trunks around some grass, we could actually hear the sound of the grass being pulled from the ground! We loved the tented camps Alan selected for us. The resort we stayed in after the safari at Diani Beach on the Indian Ocean was beautiful and the service was superb. I loved this trip even more than I thought I would. The people we met were so genuinely welcoming. I felt well prepared before we left and safe and well-cared for the entire time we were in Kenya. I would not hesitate to recommend Infinite Safari Adventures to anyone who is thinking of a trip to East Africa.

Carol G.
Chicago, IL

We had an amazing trip with memories to last a lifetime. Alan knows Tanzania inside and out, including must-see attractions, incredible guides, and great lodging options. Our guide,Muba, was ridiculously knowledgeable about Tanzania, it's people and of course all of the animals. He had a passion for his country and his job, and great concern and respect for the environment, the people/culture, and the wildlife! To say we were impressed with him and his knowledge is an understatement! If you spend a day touring the town of Mto Wa Mbu, skip the box lunch and enjoy lunch at the coffee shop and restaurant that supports the local orphanage with its spectacular views. The lodge adjacent to the orphanage is amazing, as well! What an inspiring place!

Aaron & Gloria G.
Inverness, IL

This review may be a bit long, but if you are going to take the time and spend the money to go to Africa you’ll want to know these things. This was our first trip to Africa, and we did a 10 day Northern Tanzania Wildlife Safari mid-late September, 2015 that included a trip by bush plane to the Northern Serengeti to see the great migration at the Mara River (recommended). We chose Infinite Safari Adventures because we wanted a more personal experience with a guide to ourselves. We had heard from a friend who booked with a larger company and was one of several tourists on a vehicle that he was often rushed and could not take the photos he wanted to take. Infinite Safari offers private safaris, and we found owner Alan Feldstein to be extremely knowledgeable and patient; he answered our many questions thoroughly and professionally. He was always accessible. The price of the trip was competitive even though we had a guide to ourselves. Our guide, Muba, was absolutely fantastic. He spotted everything, not just the big critters but the tiny birds and the python and green mamba that were so well camouflaged that it took us minutes to see them through binoculars. Often other trucks would pull alongside and the guides would ask Muba what he was looking at. He kept us well educated on local culture and plant life too. We were able to go where and when we wanted and not have to accommodate the wishes of others who may not have the same goals. For example, one day we spent ten minutes watching a tiny lark out-wit a golden jackal. The lodges Alan booked for us were comfortable and the food was very good. When it came time to fly to the north we reluctantly left Muba but were greeted by Joseph, our guide from Sayari Camp. Sayari is an upscale lodge near the Mara River. Though a bit more upscale than we might have booked on our own, we had no regrets- it was absolutely wonderful, and the staff was outstanding. Joseph also proved to be an excellent guide, and fortunately we had him to ourselves. In the two days we were there we saw three river crossings, a leopardess with her cub and a rhino and her calf in addition to many more animals and beautiful scenery. Muba and Joseph got no rest with us; most days we were out sunup to sundown by choice. They were enthusiastic and energetic in sharing their wealth of knowledge. We couldn’t have asked for better guides.

You will have an amazing, personalized experience by booking with Alan at Infinite Safari Adventures. Just a few tips: a diversion to stop at the Olduvai Gorge Museum north of the Ngorongoro Crater is well worth the time – fascinating! Alan’s packing guide is very thorough and even has valuable input from his wife for the ladies. Based on our schedule of two nights at most lodges taking four changes of clothes allowed us to time laundry service so we weren’t forced to wear dirty, sweaty clothes again. The Columbia outlet store in Camarillo filled most of our needs for proper clothing. It may sound odd, but the suggested bandanas on Alan’s packing list are a must for protecting camera gear from dust and for swatting flying things. This was not on his packing list, but we took enough packs of Jiff to-go peanut butter (Target) to share one each day as malarone is much more effectively absorbed when taken with food containing fat. Lastly, the trip back to CA, especially if you start from the N. Serengeti, is very long; having a day room at Kilmanjaro before departing is highly advised.

It was the trip of a lifetime and exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks to Alan and our guides we are now officially addicted to Africa!

Elizabeth J
Moorpark CA

Alan organized a phenomenal trip for our (all adult) family to Arusha NP, Tarangire NP, Ngorongoro Crater and the northern Serengeti.

He was able to accommodate difficult dietary needs and other medical needs for us. The staff at every location we stayed were exceptionally caring and concerned with our well-being. The food was fabulous and all accommodation exceeded expectations.

Our trip to the northern Serengeti for the wildebeest migration was stunningly beautiful. Muba, our safari guide, was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and open. He patiently answered all of our questions in full, knew where to find the best animal sightings and was able to point out things no regular person could have found. His past experience as a wildlife photographer means he had a keen understanding of how and where to get the best shots, a patience for our lengthy novice attempts and a familiarity of animal behavior that was revealing and interesting. Muba’s insights added nuance and meaning to what otherwise would have been a beautiful show.

Overall, the trip went so smoothly it was impressive. It was very well rounded and we could not have asked for a better itinerary. Thank you so much for a family experience we will never forget, this was a blessing.

A. Fagen
Denver CO

We’ve finally been able to catch up on everything around home and wanted to get back to you quickly about our trip.

As you can guess from our quick emails from Tanzania, we had a fantastic time and a lot of the credit goes to Davey and his over-the-top guide services. His rating with us is beyond five stars. We were at ease from the moment we met him and by the end of our week, felt that the three of us were good friends. And, asanta sana to you and Steve as well. Everything fell right into place as you said it would. Even the weather was perfect with warm days and cool nights.

Davey’s knowledge, not only about the animals, but about the land and everything living on it, made our trip not only a sightseeing experience, but a learning one as well. We could not have had a better time. We saw everything from ants to zebras, including the Big 5 in one day – somewhat of a rarity according to Davey. Of course, the landscapes are pretty spectacular, too.

All of the hosts at our stops were warm and welcoming as were their staffs. Food was consistently good with rave reviews going to Rivertrees and Olakira (Jane even got a recipe from the chef). Ebenezer, our guide at the Olakira camp, was also top notch (not quite a Davey, but close).

We felt perfectly safe the entire time. Jane did have a close encounter with a lioness on an Olakira safari. Their vehicles are completely open at the sides. We were parked watching a group of 10 lion cubs frolic, when an alpha female came out of a rock formation and started toward the cubs. She could have easily gone around our vehicle, but chose to walk up to Jane and stare right at her. She was less than a foot away. We were perfectly still. It was probably less than a minute, but seemed like a long time before she turned and walked around the truck. That adventure was the talk of the camp that night with Jane getting high praise for bravery. Jane shot video of most of the approach but turned the camera away when the lioness was face to face with her.

A few observations – every stop offered at least some hours to charge electronic devices and had laundry services. I had no problem charging my cpap machine battery and it wasn’t an issue at any time. (There are so many people that use cpap machines these days that airport security even mentions it in their signs and all the inspectors are aware of them.) You may want to mention the charging stations for cpap machine batteries in your sales tools. Had we been aware of the extensive laundry services, we might have brought fewer items of clothing. You may want to review your list of suggested apparel or mention that, because of available laundry services, people can modify the list to suit their needs.

Davey is a super ambassador for you. Consider bringing him to the US for some of the travel shows.

You may have heard from Steve that we tried to change our flight from Olakira to later in the day. Eight hours at Kilimanjaro Airport is a strain. We tried to get a day room near the airport, but couldn’t get one. You may want to offer that as an option if there is a long wait at Kilimanjaro. In all, we ended up either in planes or airports for the last 32 hours of our trip.

Since we’ve been back, all our conversations have included something about our trip. It is now part of our lives – a very happy part.

Marc & Jane
Waltham MA

Mark and I arrived home yesterday (and Aussie Mark and Olivia arrived home today) and we had THE BEST time. Everything was perfect! I was extremely excited about the trip and I had high expectations, but I admit that I thought sentences like "Africa is now in your blood" in the itinerary were hyperbole, but wow, Mark and I both want to go back as soon as possible.

I've heard people say going to Africa is life-changing but I didn't really think that would apply to me. In a way it doesn't because I told you even before we left that I wanted to go back later to work with cheetahs (and I still want to, so that didn't change!), but it really did change Mark's life. I think he's going to email you himself, but he really wants to go back and teach children in a village. I didn't think he'd even want to go on the cultural visit to Mto wa Mbu, but as it turned out he won't stop talking about it. In fact I had to keep telling him for the rest of the trip that we didn't have time to go back there despite his pleas. He just loved the kids there and the people everywhere, which is saying something because he's not a people person by any stretch of the imagination! But he really loved how real people are there. So if you can give him any information on finding teaching opportunities in Mto wa Mbu or other similar villages, that would be great. Before we left for Amsterdam, Mark was complaining that the trip was going to be too long and he didn't want to be away from home for close to three weeks, but when the time came he absolutely did not want to come home. Which was especially interesting because he also said he didn't want to go to the beach, and yet there he was at the beach not wanting to leave. :) (For someone that didn't want to go to the beach, it was awfully hard for me to drag him out of the ocean...) I think if someone had handed us return tickets at IAD yesterday when we landed we would have headed right back!

I know a lot of how great our experience was is thanks to you, so thank you so much for arranging everything. It couldn't have gone more smoothly. I really appreciate the care you took in making everyone aware of our diets and also the box of vegan goodies Muba picked up for us, which we turned out to not really need because the lodges all had plenty of food for us - especially Lamai and Unguja which both went way out of the way to make us special meals. I took some emergency energy bars with me and I didn't eat a single one the entire time - being vegan was a total non-issue. Some of the lodges packed hard-boiled eggs, which aren't vegan, in our lunch boxes, but I just gave those to Olivia, who eats eggs.

Muba is AWESOME. We loved him. He is really a superior guide: he's personable, extremely knowledgeable, and is quite remarkable at finding animals. Don't let him go! The guide we had in the Serengeti, Jairo, was great too. At first we didn't think anyone could live up to Muba standards, especially as Jairo's English wasn't quite as good (although still perfectly acceptable), but Jairo ended up also being an excellent guide who tolerated a lot of antics from us. (He very good-naturedly drove us back to a silly stick we wanted to photograph after Mark and Olivia TWICE mistook it for an animal.)

We did have one question: the itinerary said we'd be staying in a semi-permanent tented camp, Nomad, in the Serengeti, but we ended up at Lamai, which we weren't expecting. Believe me, I am NOT complaining because Lamai was crazy-awesome - by far the most amazing place I've ever stayed and even Aussie Mark's favorite place ever and he's stayed in a lot of very high-end places. So we were wondering how we ended up there, but I need to report that they were really, really great. They totally catered to our diets, and they made Mark and I a special anniversary meal including a decorated vegan cake, and that SUNRISE in the rooms - just amazing. They really seemed to think of everything. I'm not used to that sort of personalized attention, but it was truly fabulous. Our 10th anniversary rivaled our wedding for awesomeness!

Unguja was also extremely attentive: they actually prepared special vegan menus with TWO options for each course for us because the manager said he didn't like people being forced into one option just because they have a dietary restriction. I'm really not used that kind of attitude! It was great!

All of the other places we stayed were great too; we had absolutely no complaints. We couldn't believe how well the entire trip went; everything was perfect. I don't write a lot of reviews, but I do plan to write reviews for Lamai and Unguja because they totally took care of us and it means a lot to me, and I definitely want to write a review for you because a) you are awesome and b) I know how important reviews can be for small businesses. Is there anywhere other than Trip Advisor you'd like me to write a review?

And finally: the cheetahs. So, I'm really serious about returning to work with cheetahs, and possibly other wildlife (I read Tony Fitzjohn's memoirs right before the trip and I really want to be able to hug a lion at some point in my life!), so what can you tell me about doing that? Mark and I both want to return and actually do some work over there. He really wants to teach children, but working with big cats would be just about the ultimate thing for me. As you know, I spend most of my free time doing wildlife rehab and while I love the raccoons and raptors I work with in Virginia, cats are kind of my thing. (I was delighted that we had cat-heavy safaris!)


"We want to thank you for everything that you arranged for us for our vacation. Everything from Infinite Safari exceeded our expectations, and it was definitely a trip of a lifetime. We especially loved the night at Kikoti, and we hope to return there again someday for a longer stay. Unguja Lodge was a perfect place for relaxation, and we did not want to leave!

Baraka is an amazing guide. He is incredibly knowledgable about the animals, plants, ecology, and history of the area. Because of his skills and eagle eyes, we were able to see so much more than I could have even hoped for when we were planning for this trip.

Everything went seamlessly from pickups to drop offs and all connections along the way. There was not a time when we wanted or needed for anything.

Thanks so much for all your help, and we hope to have the chance to go again. Asante sana"

Scott & Amy M
Omaha NE

"We had the best trip ever, and echo Amy and Scott in reporting that Baracka was a gem! We enjoyed every moment of this, and are getting a lot of mileage sharing our adventures with others, and our awesome experience of Infinite Safari. Karibu, Mark Goodman"

M. Goodman
Omaha NE

"Wanting to go on a Safari for years, I finally got to go to Tanzania in September. What an experience! Friends and I went with Infinite Safari Adventures and were able to modify the suggested itinerary to suit us. The trip exceeded my expectations. Our guides were so knowledgeable and personable - doing everything to make our trip comfortable and exciting. The places we stayed were different and each gave us a different view of the country. Each day was so fantastic - seeing 4 of the big 5 and so much more. The migration of the wildebeest is something I will never forget - unbelievable to see. Would love to do it again - at a different time of year!"

P. Smith
Boston MA

"I am 80 years old and I live in Japan. This August I travel from Japan to join a dear American friend and his family for our first wildlife Safari in Tanzania. As I boarded the plane in Amsterdam to head for Africa my heart started beating with excitement and anticipation. For me, the real worth of the safari so much depends on how good and experienced the driver-guide is for the safari. On our trip I saw the “light and shadow” of life for the wild animals and I owe so much to our guide on this tour.

“Kanwa Kyudai”, means “by the way” in my language, and we see so much “by the way.” In Ngorogoro Crater we see the female lion kill the buffalo. When her canine sticks into the artery and the blood flushed up to the air, the game is over. What a cruel scene is it! What a contrast to the scene of Lion family that we saw in the Serengeti, looking so peaceful and showing warm family tie. Adult lions are cautiously taking care of their baby lions. I would say this is a part of the “light” as compared with shadow part we saw at Ngorogoro Crater.

How we could have these satisfactory and rewarding experiences was so much due to having a good driver/guide, and the tour planner Infinite Safari Adventures who provide such a skillful talented guide for us. We enjoyed the safari, and think it was really rewarding one."

Susumu U.

"Infinite Safari Adventures created the perfect vacation for our family. We had an incredible first week on safari and were able to see The Big 5 and then some! We couldn't have asked for better guides; they were absolutely top notch. The second week was filled with kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving and exploring the tide pools. Still, it was well balanced with plenty of relaxation time. Thank you Infinite Safari Adventures for a truly memorable experience."

Michael P. & Michele K.
Doylestown, PA

"Over four decades travel has done much to mold and shape me, but it was my climb this summer of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the world's highest free-standing mountain at 19,340 feet, arranged by Infinite Safari Adventures that was simply transformational. Sure getting to the top is wonderful, but as valuable to me was the feeling of teamwork, trust and commitment we and our guides and porters shared to make the experience unforgettable for each of us. And Kili, alone would have made the trip, but we had yet another week of wonders as we set out on safari. With the wildlife safari portion created for us by Infinite Safari Adventures we toured some of Tanzania's best game parks. Every day held a surprise for us, including having an elephant standing between our spacious tents at Tarangire Safari Lodge! None of this romance - the fabulous game drives, the excellent meals at places like the Gibbs Farm, or even the bush plane ride back to Arusha - would have been possible without the meticulous planning and execution by Infinite Safari Adventures. We were thousands of miles from home, yet every connection was flawlessly made, every one of our practical needs was met, and we felt safe at all times. In reality, Infinite Safari Adventures made our dreams come true."

Beth B.
West Hills, CA

"Thanks Infinite Safari Adventures!! We had an amazing time!! It was definitely the best trip I've ever been on out of all of my travels!! Everything went very smoothly and we will definitely be recommending you to our friends who are looking at Tanzania for their honeymoon next summer!"

Julie C.
Clifton Park, NY

"Just got home yesterday afternoon, from all my post-TZ travels... want to say again how extremely much Dick and I enjoyed our entire time in Tanzania, how very, very much we want to return and just how wonderful it was spending time with all of you! Hugs to all... including Julius!"

Connie H.
Marina Del Rey, CA

"Going on an African safari was not high on my list of "things to do!" But an opportunity arose with good friends to go on a safari with Infinite Safari Adventures. Now I'm back and reflecting on what just happened to me! Blind-sided, short-sighted, dumb-sighted! What was I thinking! An African safari with Infinite Safari Adventures is so cool! From the luxurious accommodations, delicious food & wine, incredible animal sightings (right out the window of the jeep, not miles away - right there, face to face), - wow, a truly unique and life changing experience. It's like a really really good book. You want to read it again and again because you never want it to end - even though you know what happens next you find something new with each read! Thanks for looking after our every need Alan & Steve, you are both conscientious and capable tour directors. I am looking forward to my "next read" really really soon. Asante Sana!"

Diane D.
Los Angeles, CA

"Great trip. Well organized. Excellent driver. Good itinerary. Not the usual lodging and food. Boutique experience that is much better than the usual safari. Good if you want to see the animals and also do water sports. You are well cared for and can design the kind of experience that you want. Recommend without any reservations."

Dr. Richard H.
Brentwood, CA

"We are lucky to have had many great holidays in our lives. However, we would put our trip with Infinite Safari Adventures in a class by itself. It was a really special trip for all of us. We congratulate ourselves on our choice of tour companies!! We feel that choosing a smaller company was a big plus as Infinite Safari Adventures really listened to us and tried to tailor the trip to us. No detail was too small (e.g. coffee, biking). We really doubt we would have had such good service and attention to detail with a bigger company. One of our group had been on a safari with his parents earlier in the year and said that he thought Infinite Safari Adventures was much better than the company his parents used.

We also decided while we loved all the things that we did on this trip the one thing we would love to do again is to revisit Fish Eagle Point and do more kayaking. We could have easily stayed a week there!"

Belinda M.
Madison Wisc


AMSを飛び立ったKLM#0569便は、夜の帳が降りたころキリマンジェロ空港に着陸した。明日から、いよいよサファリが始まる。どんな光景に遭遇するのだろうか、期待に心が弾む。10日程の行程、途中で山中のテント泊やら 。如何にもアフリカを思わせる様なセ#12524;ンゲディのロッジ、サファリの後は海辺の休息そして最後には、元の生活に戻るための脱感作療法のようなザンジバルでの滞在。なかなかうまくアレンジした行程となっている。しかし、サファリの良否は用意されたドライバー兼ガイドの能力 によるところが少なくない。



いよいよ峠を越えて、眼下に広がるNgorongoro Crater.を目指して下り始めた

所までは良いがそれがとてつもない悪路、道路は、雨期の雨に流されたのだろうか中央部に縦にえぐり取られたような溝があったり、あるいは斜めに走る溝があり、それらを巧みに避けながら走る。それでも、あまり減速はしない。実に巧みなハンドルさばきで下っていく 。ジェット・コスターに乗っているようなスリルに富むドライブだった。

クレーターの中を動物を求めて走り回るランクルの無線が突然に鳴りだした。ドライバーはスワヒリ語でなにかを叫んでいる。電話の応答が終わった途端に、速度をあげて何かに向かって走り出した。今、ライオンがバファローを捉えてハンティグが始まったところだとい う。こんなところでも、仲間との情報網をしっかりと構築しているドライバはサファリの強みだ。

 やがて、2-30台のランクルが集まっている光景が目に入ってくる。横を見ると、われわれと同じ目標に向けて四方, 八方から疾走してくるランクルが目に入る。さらに、360度方向から列をなして疾走してくるハイエナの姿が見える。  

 現場では、呆然となすすべもなく立ちすくみ、悲鳴を上げているバッファロ-。尾をしっかりと咥えこみ足を踏ん張る雄ライオン。後ろ足の腿を咥えこみぶら下がるようにしているライオン。と見るや、一匹の雌ライオンが頸に飛びついた。足は地面を離れて宙に浮いて いる。苦しさに首を振るバファローに振り回されその身体は、左右によじれている。それでも、この3匹は死にもの狂いで喰らいついている。悲鳴はさらに激しくなる。その悲鳴を聞いたハイエナは360度方向から集まってきて、円陣を組んで様子を窺っている。この死闘がこれか ら1時間余にわたって続くわけである。突然、バファローの頸部から血が噴いた。と同時にドサッとその巨体は崩れ落ちた。実に凄惨な場面である。でも、これがサバンナの掟なのかもしれない。この一事がなければ、ライオン一家は乾ききった大地の中で、飢餓によって命を失うこ とにもなる。生者必滅とは仏教のことば。弱肉強食は自然界の掟、そして自然界の生存可能な個体数の維持をはかかる自然の摂理と納得しなければならないのかもしれない。これこそ、サバンナに見る自然界の厳しい生の営み。影の部分といえよう。





今、見てきたばかりのライオン一家がその平地を対岸の丘に向けて歩みだしたところだった。先頭に雌ライオン、一直線になったり、ひと固まりになったり、散開したりしながら... 、その雌ライオンの後を追うこどもライオン。もう1匹の雌はその列の横を前後に回る ように動きながら、こどもライオンの道草を防いで歩ませている。

列の後方、少しばかり距離を置いたところで、しんがりを務める雄ライオンが一行の後をつけている、周囲を注意し、子供たちを見守りながら、悠然と平地を横切るように進んでいる。昨日の凄惨なライオン一家に比べるとなんとのどかで、穏やかなライオン一家の姿であ ろうか。黙々と先頭の雌ライオンに従って歩むこどもライオンの姿は平和で微笑ましい。子供を気遣いながら行動する親ライオン。サバンナに見る光の部分である。



Susumu U.

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