Why Do A Trip With Infinite Safari Adventures?

Why Do A Trip With Infinite Safari Adventures
The Reasons are Many. Here are a Few.

Most wildlife safaris are about 7-10 days. You spend your days viewing animals out in the bush in your vehicle with your guide. While seeing the animals is amazing and the countryside is beautiful, after a while we all have a desire to get out and be active.

We Offer Unique & Amazing Adventures. We have designed our safaris to be combined with a variety of adventure options. Extend your time in Africa by hot air ballooning, tracking gorillas in Rwanda, tracking chimps in the Mahale Mountains above Lake Tanganyika, diving off the exotic island of Zanzibar, or climbing to the "roof of Africa" on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Or choose the adventure offered only by Infinite Safari Adventures – kayaking in the warm sheltered waters of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania! No kayak experience is necessary for this luxury lodge based adventure. You will be one of the few who can come back from safari and say "I have just been kayaking in Africa!"

Kayaking in the Warm Sheltered Waters of the Indian Ocean off the Coast of Tanzania!

We Know What You Want and Expect. We have been a safari client ourselves so we understand your needs. We have tracked chimps, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, scuba dived in the Indian Ocean and been the first to kayak unexplored places off the coast of Tanzania. We know the concerns and expectations of those who embark on what for many is a once in a lifetime trip (We had the same concerns and expectations). Clients want to know and see that all logistics have been taken care of, that the equipment is top of the line and in first class condition, that the staff and guides are experienced, speak English well and know how to make a trip fun while at the same time safe and secure. Infinite Safari Adventures does all of those things - and more.

Steve and Teena have been in Tanzania for over 12 years and in that time have managed lodges and camps and organized top of the line custom safari trips. Our clients will stay in beautiful lodges or luxurious camps; have the best vehicles and most qualified and personable English speaking guides.

We Pay Attention to all Details No Matter How Large or Small. We won’t reveal all of our secrets here, but we sweat the small stuff so you won’t have to. How many companies think about and recommend what shoes to wear, make sure you caffeine addicts have delicious fresh-brewed coffee or tea available to you every morning even out in the bush, offer tips on the fastest way to get your visa, know how to get your delayed luggage delivered to you in the bush, give you a pre-departure checklist, and most importantly take care of everything for you from the minute you arrive to the moment you depart for home? How many companies have their principals located both in the U.S. & in Tanzania so you always have someone to contact if you need to. Infinite Safari Adventures prides itself on all these things. We believe our job begins, not ends, when you book a trip with us. Responsiveness, Attention to Details, and a Passion for what we do is just part of what sets us apart. By now you know we love to talk – but even more, we love to listen.

Come and let us show you why we love Africa!

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