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Who Make Your Dog's One of a Kind Collars

The Women Who Make Your Dog’s One of a Kind Collars - Dog Collars for Africa - Infinite Safari Adventures

We do something unique to give you a better understanding of who directly benefits from your dog collar purchase. Not only do the women who make the collars benefit (they are paid for every collar they make) but a majority share of profits goes back to the village community where it will be shared to pay school fees so that the children can go to school, as well as allowing the village to buy cows, sheep and goats and provide necessities for daily life.

The proceeds will also allow the village to make long term investments for such things as purchasing a well (currently the women of the village walk over 15km/12miles everyday to obtain water) and create a bio-fuel project to use cow dung for fuel instead of the smoky fires which will help prevent respiratory diseases and early age impaired vision caused by smoke (as well as preventing villagers from being chased by elephants when going out to gather firewood). If you would like to donate more to these valuable projects please contact Beads for Education - Click Here

Learn about each of the Woman who make your dog's one of a kind collar by clicking on their name:

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