Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

This lofty peak has been immortalized by Hemingway.Reaching its summit means you have stood on the roof of Africa – the highest point on the Continent. You can say you have climbed one of the “seven sisters,” the tallest peaks on each continent of earth. It is a thrill and accomplishment that will last a lifetime.

Infinite Safari Adventures can arrange a safe and enjoyable climb with the most experienced guides and porters on the best and least-traveled routes of “Kili.” You will climb in a manner that offers the best chance for you to acclimatize and achieve success in reaching the summit. We offer 5 – 8 night options depending on your schedule and route. It is a great way to start your safari experience.

After your successful climb you can relax on safari and on the coast with lots of stories to tell your fellow safari companions around the fire!

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