Track Chimps in the Mahale Mountains

The chance to interact with our genetic cousins is an experience not to be missed. Infinite Safari Adventures will arrange for your stay at Greystoke Mahale Lodge - where in fact Steve & Teena, who managed Greystroke, and I first met and found our mutual love of kayaking.

Only accessible by boat, Greystoke Mahale Lodge is paradise, located right on the shore of Lake Tanganyika with a pristine beach. It is one of the most beautiful and luxurious places to stay in Africa – each banda, made of wood from old ships, has a second story viewing area, private bath and a bed facing the Lake. Each morning on the deck of your banda, enjoy coffee and tea delivered with a friendly “jambo” while watching birds and exotic monkeys in the trees and maybe a visit from the friendly family of warthogs who live nearby.

While having a sumptuous breakfast at the lodge, you will learn from the trackers via radio where the chimps are located that day. Then it is off on a forest hike to see, observe and learn about Alofu, Orion, Christine, Opal and all of the other members of this troupe as they go about their daily lives. You will come away with a special and unique appreciation of how we fit into the animal kingdom.

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