Tracking Gorillas in Rwanda

Travel to the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda. Then hike up into these mountains made famous by the film Gorillas In the Mist and re-trace some of the steps of immortalized primatologist Dian Fossey and observe our genetic cousins.

Infinite Safari Adventures as either part of a multi-country safari or stand alone experience will arrange for you to track gorillas for an experience of a lifetime. The Virunga Mountains are a chain of volcanoes where the endangered mountain gorillas reside. Hike up the mountains with your guide as you locate one of several gorilla families. Once there you will observe these magnificent creatures close-up in their natural surroundings and learn about their habits, their family structure and lives.

You can then return and partake of other activities including a tour of Kigali and the genocide memorial, track the rare golden monkey, visit Dian Fossey’s grave site, or take a hike around the area. After fly off to Tanzania or Kenya for your continued wildlife experience!

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