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"We want to thank you for everything that you arranged for us for our vacation. Everything from Infinite Safari exceeded our expectations, and it was definitely a trip of a lifetime. We especially loved the night at Kikoti, and we hope to return there again someday for a longer stay. Unguja Lodge was a perfect place for relaxation, and we did not want to leave!

Baraka is an amazing guide. He is incredibly knowledgable about the animals, plants, ecology, and history of the area. Because of his skills and eagle eyes, we were able to see so much more than I could have even hoped for when we were planning for this trip.

Everything went seamlessly from pickups to drop offs and all connections along the way. There was not a time when we wanted or needed for anything.

Thanks so much for all your help, and we hope to have the chance to go again. Asante sana"

Scott & Amy M
Omaha NE

"We had the best trip ever, and echo Amy and Scott in reporting that Baracka was a gem! We enjoyed every moment of this, and are getting a lot of mileage sharing our adventures with others, and our awesome experience of Infinite Safari. Karibu, Mark Goodman"

M. Goodman
Omaha NE

"Wanting to go on a Safari for years, I finally got to go to Tanzania in September. What an experience! Friends and I went with Infinite Safari Adventures and were able to modify the suggested itinerary to suit us. The trip exceeded my expectations. Our guides were so knowledgeable and personable - doing everything to make our trip comfortable and exciting. The places we stayed were different and each gave us a different view of the country. Each day was so fantastic - seeing 4 of the big 5 and so much more. The migration of the wildebeest is something I will never forget - unbelievable to see. Would love to do it again - at a different time of year!"

P. Smith
Boston MA

"I am 80 years old and I live in Japan. This August I travel from Japan to join a dear American friend and his family for our first wildlife Safari in Tanzania. As I boarded the plane in Amsterdam to head for Africa my heart started beating with excitement and anticipation. For me, the real worth of the safari so much depends on how good and experienced the driver-guide is for the safari. On our trip I saw the “light and shadow” of life for the wild animals and I owe so much to our guide on this tour.

“Kanwa Kyudai”, means “by the way” in my language, and we see so much “by the way.” In Ngorogoro Crater we see the female lion kill the buffalo. When her canine sticks into the artery and the blood flushed up to the air, the game is over. What a cruel scene is it! What a contrast to the scene of Lion family that we saw in the Serengeti, looking so peaceful and showing warm family tie. Adult lions are cautiously taking care of their baby lions. I would say this is a part of the “light” as compared with shadow part we saw at Ngorogoro Crater.

How we could have these satisfactory and rewarding experiences was so much due to having a good driver/guide, and the tour planner Infinite Safari Adventures who provide such a skillful talented guide for us. We enjoyed the safari, and think it was really rewarding one."

Susumu U.

"Infinite Safari Adventures created the perfect vacation for our family. We had an incredible first week on safari and were able to see The Big 5 and then some! We couldn't have asked for better guides; they were absolutely top notch. The second week was filled with kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving and exploring the tide pools. Still, it was well balanced with plenty of relaxation time. Thank you Infinite Safari Adventures for a truly memorable experience."

Michael P. & Michele K.
Doylestown, PA

"Over four decades travel has done much to mold and shape me, but it was my climb this summer of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the world's highest free-standing mountain at 19,340 feet, arranged by Infinite Safari Adventures that was simply transformational. Sure getting to the top is wonderful, but as valuable to me was the feeling of teamwork, trust and commitment we and our guides and porters shared to make the experience unforgettable for each of us. And Kili, alone would have made the trip, but we had yet another week of wonders as we set out on safari. With the wildlife safari portion created for us by Infinite Safari Adventures we toured some of Tanzania's best game parks. Every day held a surprise for us, including having an elephant standing between our spacious tents at Tarangire Safari Lodge! None of this romance - the fabulous game drives, the excellent meals at places like the Gibbs Farm, or even the bush plane ride back to Arusha - would have been possible without the meticulous planning and execution by Infinite Safari Adventures. We were thousands of miles from home, yet every connection was flawlessly made, every one of our practical needs was met, and we felt safe at all times. In reality, Infinite Safari Adventures made our dreams come true."

Beth B.
West Hills, CA

"Thanks Infinite Safari Adventures!! We had an amazing time!! It was definitely the best trip I've ever been on out of all of my travels!! Everything went very smoothly and we will definitely be recommending you to our friends who are looking at Tanzania for their honeymoon next summer!"

Julie C.
Clifton Park, NY

"Just got home yesterday afternoon, from all my post-TZ travels... want to say again how extremely much Dick and I enjoyed our entire time in Tanzania, how very, very much we want to return and just how wonderful it was spending time with all of you! Hugs to all... including Julius!"

Connie H.
Marina Del Rey, CA

"Going on an African safari was not high on my list of "things to do!" But an opportunity arose with good friends to go on a safari with Infinite Safari Adventures. Now I'm back and reflecting on what just happened to me! Blind-sided, short-sighted, dumb-sighted! What was I thinking! An African safari with Infinite Safari Adventures is so cool! From the luxurious accommodations, delicious food & wine, incredible animal sightings (right out the window of the jeep, not miles away - right there, face to face), - wow, a truly unique and life changing experience. It's like a really really good book. You want to read it again and again because you never want it to end - even though you know what happens next you find something new with each read! Thanks for looking after our every need Alan & Steve, you are both conscientious and capable tour directors. I am looking forward to my "next read" really really soon. Asante Sana!"

Diane D.
Los Angeles, CA

"Great trip. Well organized. Excellent driver. Good itinerary. Not the usual lodging and food. Boutique experience that is much better than the usual safari. Good if you want to see the animals and also do water sports. You are well cared for and can design the kind of experience that you want. Recommend without any reservations."

Dr. Richard H.
Brentwood, CA

"We are lucky to have had many great holidays in our lives. However, we would put our trip with Infinite Safari Adventures in a class by itself. It was a really special trip for all of us. We congratulate ourselves on our choice of tour companies!! We feel that choosing a smaller company was a big plus as Infinite Safari Adventures really listened to us and tried to tailor the trip to us. No detail was too small (e.g. coffee, biking). We really doubt we would have had such good service and attention to detail with a bigger company. One of our group had been on a safari with his parents earlier in the year and said that he thought Infinite Safari Adventures was much better than the company his parents used.

We also decided while we loved all the things that we did on this trip the one thing we would love to do again is to revisit Fish Eagle Point and do more kayaking. We could have easily stayed a week there!"

Belinda M.
Madison Wisc





いよいよ峠を越えて、眼下に広がるNgorongoro Crater.を目指して下り始めた



 やがて、2-30台のランクルが集まっている光景が目に入ってくる。横を見ると、われわれと同じ目標に向けて四方, 八方から疾走してくるランクルが目に入る。さらに、360度方向から列をなして疾走してくるハイエナの姿が見える。  






今、見てきたばかりのライオン一家がその平地を対岸の丘に向けて歩みだしたところだった。先頭に雌ライオン、一直線になったり、ひと固まりになったり、散開したりしながら... 、その雌ライオンの後を追うこどもライオン。もう1匹の雌はその列の横を前後に回るように動きながら、こどもライオンの道草を防いで歩ませている。




Susumu U.