Travel Insurance

To most people, buying travel insurance seems like a bad deal and a waste of money. And if you were traveling in the United States or Europe I would probably tend to agree with you. But traveling on safari is different from a U.S. or European vacation.

With a safari you cannot just cancel your hotel and get your money or expenses back. You are at greater risk if you must cancel because you or an immediate family member becomes ill, your work situation changes, you miss your connection to Africa or your flight is cancelled. If you do not go or if you are delayed you run the risk of not only missing out on all the amazing experiences a safari has to offer, but losing all of the money you paid for your safari without any chance of getting it back (that is not because Infinite Safari Adventures keeps the monies but because lodges, camps, and service providers are small and do not issue refunds). And as with any international trip, it pays to be covered for everyday inconveniences like lost luggage or a misplaced passport.

It is for those reasons that we strongly recommend that everyone going on safari with us purchase travel insurance. To make it easy for you (because that is what Infinite Safari Adventures does best) we have made arrangements with 4 of the well-respected travel insurance companies (Travelex, TripAssure, Berkshire Hathaway and World Nomads) to offer you convenient options to shop for travel insurance right here online.

You can get a quote right online and review coverages and make comparisons. Take a look at these and other policies. If one of these is the right insurance for you then a portion of your premium will be donated to Infinite Safari Adventures’ giving back programs. Travelex, TripAssure, Berkshire Hathaway and World Nomads have good coverage but each may be a little different and pricing varies depending on your age, the cost of your trip and the type of coverage you get. You may also check out others and compare pricing and coverage and use the one that best suits you. If Travelex, TripAssure, Berkshire Hathaway or World Nomads is a good option for you then please apply here through this web site using the links below so we can account for the premium and the amount to be donated to our giving back programs. If you have questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss options with you.

What insurance you get and who you get it from is your decision (unlike other companies there is no pressure or obligation to purchase travel insurance through us), but we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to obtain travel insurance for your safari. And don’t forget, because we like to take care of every detail, in addition to this insurance, Infinite Safari Adventures, as part of your trip cost also provides local evacuation insurance. In the event of an emergency we will fly you to a regional hospital (usually Nairobi which has good facilities) until, if necessary, your travel insurance comes into effect because you need to be transferred to the United States.

Here are the links to the travel insurance companies we work with:

- Travelex

- TripAssure

- Berkshire Hathaway

- World Nomads