This is our first time working with travel service like Infinite Safari Adventures and we cannot recommend using Alan more – we’ve already sent multiple friends his way to book their safaris with Infinite Safari Adventures if that says anything. Alan planned and booked us a trip that far exceeded what we could have dreamed of ourselves.

Alan was incredibly attentive when we reached out to him and it was amazing how he created this tailored, incredibly thought through trip for us. We were looking for a trip that was off the beaten path, involved some kind of walking element, and a nature focused trip. Alan built and arranged for us a trip to Zambia with the Bushcamp company, which included both driving and walking safaris, and follow-on time in Cape Town with a private guide (something we’ve never done before but loved). Every detail was thought through and we felt absolutely taken care of the entire time. During the planning process Alan was there every step of the way, incredibly responsive to our requests and follow-up calls, and helped us get fully prepared for our trip.

We cannot recommend Alan more for your trip to Africa, if you’re thinking about making the trip you have to reach out to him and share with him what you’re looking out of this adventure. He WILL create a trip that you will remember for the rest of your life. Thank you Alan for everything, this trip was a dream come true

- Michelle D., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I lost my wife a couple of years ago and this was on our bucket list. I had an opportunity to do this with my four kids age 18-24 and it was literally, and unanimously, the trip of a lifetime!! The locations/accommodations were great, it really gave us a good overview of the beauty and variety of Tanzania. I can’t say enough good things about Baraka, he was the epitome of professionalism, and his enthusiasm for sharing his vast knowledge of the landscape, vegetation, the native people, and of course the wildlife was really something. We all hated to say goodbye. Thank you for everything.

David N., Standish, Maine

Our African adventure was amazing!!!! Yes, we saw four major crossings with two kills…one on video! Two elephant crossings…so cool. The gorilla trek was not that bad. We were prepared to hike in and the encounter made it well worth it. And the cheetahs were worth the wait…we spent about 40 minutes with them…we were the only ones there!

The guides were awesome. Anderson (Rwanda) was very knowledgeable and very happy to share stories about Rwanda and especially his family’s survival. Shatri (No. Serengeti) was simply amazing…25 years old with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He knew where and when to be in the right place for the best view of the action! Baraka…what can I say, the consummate professional!!!! To the point of finding a place to get Rose’s glasses fixed.

Our hotels and tent camps were comfortable especially the Kaskaz Mara camp. And the facilities were outstanding!

Mark & Rose L., Valencia CA

Asante sana – thank you Infinite Safari Adventures!! I have recently returned from my 12 day Kenya trip with my adult daughter. I love telling my friends and family about our amazing trip and showing them some of the beautiful pictures we were able to get. One big reason the trip was so remarkable was because we worked with Alan, the owner of Infinite Safari Adventures, and his Kenyan partner, Daniel. I had never been to Africa before, and I knew I wanted someone to take care of everything for me. I got that – and so much more. Alan’s love for Africa and his sincere desire to help others experience this wonderful place came through with each conversation. Alan listened carefully and created an itinerary that included all the things we wanted to see and do and he worked with our budget. Our safari team was knowledgeable, kind and considerate. We saw the Big 5 – and so much more! We saw 25 different animals and 20 different birds. I was surprised how close to the animals we could be. While watching elephants wrap their trunks around some grass, we could actually hear the sound of the grass being pulled from the ground! We loved the tented camps Alan selected for us. The resort we stayed in after the safari at Diani Beach on the Indian Ocean was beautiful and the service was superb. I loved this trip even more than I thought I would. The people we met were so genuinely welcoming. I felt well prepared before we left and safe and well-cared for the entire time we were in Kenya. I would not hesitate to recommend Infinite Safari Adventures to anyone who is thinking of a trip to East Africa.

Carol G., Chicago, IL

We had an amazing trip with memories to last a lifetime. Alan knows Tanzania inside and out, including must-see attractions, incredible guides, and great lodging options. Our guide,Muba, was ridiculously knowledgeable about Tanzania, it’s people and of course all of the animals. He had a passion for his country and his job, and great concern and respect for the environment, the people/culture, and the wildlife! To say we were impressed with him and his knowledge is an understatement! If you spend a day touring the town of Mto Wa Mbu, skip the box lunch and enjoy lunch at the coffee shop and restaurant that supports the local orphanage with its spectacular views. The lodge adjacent to the orphanage is amazing, as well! What an inspiring place!

Aaron & Gloria G., Inverness, IL

This review may be a bit long, but if you are going to take the time and spend the money to go to Africa you’ll want to know these things. This was our first trip to Africa, and we did a 10 day Northern Tanzania Wildlife Safari mid-late September, 2015 that included a trip by bush plane to the Northern Serengeti to see the great migration at the Mara River (recommended). We chose Infinite Safari Adventures because we wanted a more personal experience with a guide to ourselves. We had heard from a friend who booked with a larger company and was one of several tourists on a vehicle that he was often rushed and could not take the photos he wanted to take. Infinite Safari offers private safaris, and we found owner Alan Feldstein to be extremely knowledgeable and patient; he answered our many questions thoroughly and professionally. He was always accessible. The price of the trip was competitive even though we had a guide to ourselves. Our guide, Muba, was absolutely fantastic. He spotted everything, not just the big critters but the tiny birds and the python and green mamba that were so well camouflaged that it took us minutes to see them through binoculars. Often other trucks would pull alongside and the guides would ask Muba what he was looking at. He kept us well educated on local culture and plant life too. We were able to go where and when we wanted and not have to accommodate the wishes of others who may not have the same goals. For example, one day we spent ten minutes watching a tiny lark out-wit a golden jackal. The lodges Alan booked for us were comfortable and the food was very good. When it came time to fly to the north we reluctantly left Muba but were greeted by Joseph, our guide from Sayari Camp. Sayari is an upscale lodge near the Mara River. Though a bit more upscale than we might have booked on our own, we had no regrets- it was absolutely wonderful, and the staff was outstanding. Joseph also proved to be an excellent guide, and fortunately we had him to ourselves. In the two days we were there we saw three river crossings, a leopardess with her cub and a rhino and her calf in addition to many more animals and beautiful scenery. Muba and Joseph got no rest with us; most days we were out sunup to sundown by choice. They were enthusiastic and energetic in sharing their wealth of knowledge. We couldn’t have asked for better guides.

You will have an amazing, personalized experience by booking with Alan at Infinite Safari Adventures. Just a few tips: a diversion to stop at the Olduvai Gorge Museum north of the Ngorongoro Crater is well worth the time – fascinating! Alan’s packing guide is very thorough and even has valuable input from his wife for the ladies. Based on our schedule of two nights at most lodges taking four changes of clothes allowed us to time laundry service so we weren’t forced to wear dirty, sweaty clothes again. The Columbia outlet store in Camarillo filled most of our needs for proper clothing. It may sound odd, but the suggested bandanas on Alan’s packing list are a must for protecting camera gear from dust and for swatting flying things. This was not on his packing list, but we took enough packs of Jiff to-go peanut butter (Target) to share one each day as malarone is much more effectively absorbed when taken with food containing fat. Lastly, the trip back to CA, especially if you start from the N. Serengeti, is very long; having a day room at Kilmanjaro before departing is highly advised.

It was the trip of a lifetime and exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks to Alan and our guides we are now officially addicted to Africa!

Elizabeth J, Moorpark CA

Alan organized a phenomenal trip for our (all adult) family to Arusha NP, Tarangire NP, Ngorongoro Crater and the northern Serengeti.

He was able to accommodate difficult dietary needs and other medical needs for us. The staff at every location we stayed were exceptionally caring and concerned with our well-being. The food was fabulous and all accommodation exceeded expectations.

Our trip to the northern Serengeti for the wildebeest migration was stunningly beautiful. Muba, our safari guide, was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and open. He patiently answered all of our questions in full, knew where to find the best animal sightings and was able to point out things no regular person could have found. His past experience as a wildlife photographer means he had a keen understanding of how and where to get the best shots, a patience for our lengthy novice attempts and a familiarity of animal behavior that was revealing and interesting. Muba’s insights added nuance and meaning to what otherwise would have been a beautiful show.

Overall, the trip went so smoothly it was impressive. It was very well rounded and we could not have asked for a better itinerary. Thank you so much for a family experience we will never forget, this was a blessing.

A. Fagen, Denver CO

We’ve finally been able to catch up on everything around home and wanted to get back to you quickly about our trip.

As you can guess from our quick emails from Tanzania, we had a fantastic time and a lot of the credit goes to Davey and his over-the-top guide services. His rating with us is beyond five stars. We were at ease from the moment we met him and by the end of our week, felt that the three of us were good friends. And, asanta sana to you and Steve as well. Everything fell right into place as you said it would. Even the weather was perfect with warm days and cool nights.

Davey’s knowledge, not only about the animals, but about the land and everything living on it, made our trip not only a sightseeing experience, but a learning one as well. We could not have had a better time. We saw everything from ants to zebras, including the Big 5 in one day – somewhat of a rarity according to Davey. Of course, the landscapes are pretty spectacular, too.

All of the hosts at our stops were warm and welcoming as were their staffs. Food was consistently good with rave reviews going to Rivertrees and Olakira (Jane even got a recipe from the chef). Ebenezer, our guide at the Olakira camp, was also top notch (not quite a Davey, but close).

We felt perfectly safe the entire time. Jane did have a close encounter with a lioness on an Olakira safari. Their vehicles are completely open at the sides. We were parked watching a group of 10 lion cubs frolic, when an alpha female came out of a rock formation and started toward the cubs. She could have easily gone around our vehicle, but chose to walk up to Jane and stare right at her. She was less than a foot away. We were perfectly still. It was probably less than a minute, but seemed like a long time before she turned and walked around the truck. That adventure was the talk of the camp that night with Jane getting high praise for bravery. Jane shot video of most of the approach but turned the camera away when the lioness was face to face with her.

A few observations – every stop offered at least some hours to charge electronic devices and had laundry services. I had no problem charging my cpap machine battery and it wasn’t an issue at any time. (There are so many people that use cpap machines these days that airport security even mentions it in their signs and all the inspectors are aware of them.) You may want to mention the charging stations for cpap machine batteries in your sales tools. Had we been aware of the extensive laundry services, we might have brought fewer items of clothing. You may want to review your list of suggested apparel or mention that, because of available laundry services, people can modify the list to suit their needs.

Davey is a super ambassador for you. Consider bringing him to the US for some of the travel shows.

You may have heard from Steve that we tried to change our flight from Olakira to later in the day. Eight hours at Kilimanjaro Airport is a strain. We tried to get a day room near the airport, but couldn’t get one. You may want to offer that as an option if there is a long wait at Kilimanjaro. In all, we ended up either in planes or airports for the last 32 hours of our trip.

Since we’ve been back, all our conversations have included something about our trip. It is now part of our lives – a very happy part.

Marc & Jane, Waltham MA

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