Who We Are

Alan Feldstein

Adventurer, Photographer, Recovering Lawyer
Owner & Founder

Alan Feldstein

Combining a love of Africa with a taste of adventure has made Alan the ideal tour operator to create distinctive safari and adventure experiences throughout Africa. Infinite Safari’s custom adventures have attracted delighted clients from all over the world. Alan has been traveling to Africa for over 17 years, making friends, witnessing extraordinary wildlife and spearheading community and conservation efforts. His adventures have included summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro and becoming one of the first people to kayak off the coast of Tanzania.

He has traveled the world, but his passion for Africa has taken him all over the continent where he has climbed, hiked, scuba dived, explored voodoo culture, and had personal encounters with cheetahs, chimps and gorillas.

Alan is a UCLA kayak instructor, scuba diver, guide and avid wildlife photographer whose work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times Wavelength Magazine, Patch.com and Paddling.net. He is also a member of the internationally known Explorer’s Club and the Adventurer’s Club of Los Angeles. In addition to his Maasai Beaded Jewelry and Dog Collar program to benefit Maasai women, Alan also serves on the Board of Directors of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, is President of the Board of The Bird School Project and is the founder of The Infinite Safari Foundation.

Isabella “Bella” Kaluwa

VP Sales

Isabella “Bella” Kaluwa

Bella, a native of Malawi, has been all over the continent of Africa in her 20+ years of working in the tourist industry. And while her father had wished she had taken over the family shipping business, Bella’s passion is introducing people to Africa and insuring that they have a great time. Her personality is infectious, and she always has a positive attitude. She has held a number of positions including lodge management, destination management, logistics, airlines, and tour operators. Bella has assisted local African schools and has been involved in other giving back programs in Africa. She was first in her class with an advanced travel diploma from Birnam Business College in Johannesburg and tourism degree from the University of Salford in Manchester England. Bella is fluent in Zulu and Setswana, the local languages of South Africa and Botswana.

Diane Haithman

Writer, Author, Journalist
Vice President of Marketing

Diane Haithman: Writer, Author, Journalist

Diane is a novelist, journalist and former staff writer of the Los Angeles Times, where she specialized in arts, entertainment and travel writing. (Check out Diane’s story (with Alan’s photos) about tracking wild chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains). In addition to assisting with marketing, Diane is a current contributor to Los Angeles Business Journal, travel and leisure publications as well as covering the arts and entertainment industry including the Oscar and Emmy awards.

Diane is also the co-author or contributor to two books—The Elder Wisdom Circle Guide to a Meaningful Life and the literary anthology A Voice From the Planet, which includes short fiction from writers from all over the world, including Africa. All proceeds from the sale of the anthology go to Doctors Without Borders. She is also the author of the novel Dark Lady of Hollywood, a comic mash-up of the Television Industry and Shakespeare.

Steve Chumbley, BSc Hons Zoology, Dip. Ed.

Lead Guide & Ground Operations Genius

Steve Chumbley

Steve is a Zoology Graduate who was born in England but lived in Malawi as a young boy, which is where his interest in wildlife and exploring really started.

He worked in education for many years – helping to set up new schools in Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and Nigeria. He began working in the safari business in 1992 meeting the needs of clients in the way he knew was the best.

He has jointly managed with wife Teena a 40-room lodge in Kenya’s Maasai Mara, a 10-tent permanent luxury camp in Tarangire National Park (Tanzania) and a permanent luxury camp in Tanzania’s remote Mahale Mountains.

As well he has guided safari groups through Northern Tanzania and built several Luxury Mobile Camps for other companies. This involved managing, designing, budgeting, purchasing, making equipment and putting in place the operating systems. Steve was also the water and boat coordinator for the History Channel production of “Expedition Africa” which recreated the journey of Stanley and Livingston. Steve is fluent in Kiswahili.

Teena Chumbley, BSc Biology, Dip Ed Science

Logistics Coordinator & Expert Problem Solver

Teena Chumbley

Raised on a wheat and sheep property in remote Western Australia, Teena worked on the family farm before pursuing a successful career in education.

After jobs in the Middle East and West Africa, she finally gave up a position as Vice Principal in Nigeria to follow a shared dream with Steve of establishing and operating a business in tourism in Tanzania. She has jointly managed properties with Steve in Kenya and Tanzania. Raising a son in Africa and being involved in various opportunities such as Chimpanzee Conservation, a BBC production filmed in Tanzania and exploration of new safari routes ensures Teena a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

Denéa Buckingham

Social Media Guru

Denéa Buckingham

Handling all Social Media for Infinite Safari Adventures, Denéa began digging into social media in order to market her grassroots food and wine publication in Australia. Social media makes sense to Denéa and her notoriety for her social media ingenuity has helped clients in such diverse areas as restaurants, celebrities, tourism bodies and customer-facing enterprises. Her innovative approach to socializing a brand builds a strong and dedicated audience, people who are passionate about not only a company’s products, but its core ethics and values. When she isn’t creating digital networks, Denéa is a scuba diver, world traveler, explorer, and loves adventure. Passionate about conservation, education and giving back, Denéa is an active volunteer and works with several non-profit organizations including those that Infinite Safari Adventures supports.

Gigi Feldstein

Chief Executive Assistant

Gigi Feldstein

Gig, is a shepherd mix and when we say mix we mean mix! Her DNA test revealed at least 7 different breeds in her DNA. She also possesses silly ears that bounce when she walks! The one breed they did not mention was “velcro dog.” As such she is always by Alan’s side not only making sure he is working but knowing when it is time to go for a walk or car ride. Her other main responsibilities as executive assistant are to ask for biscuits and play games with her squeaky stuffed animals which usually coincides with when Alan is on the phone. Gigi’s skills include chasing squirrels and cutely asking for belly rubs.