Why Choose Infinite Safari Adventures?

We are Responsive. When you have a question you want an answer now. Our goal is to respond to you immediately but we will always respond to you the same day (unless we are in the bush with no Wi-Fi). And we are happy to spend the time answering your questions on the phone, via Skype, by email, text, or in person. We are there for you before, during and after your safari. When you go on safari with us you are truly part of the Infinite Safari family.

We Pay Attention to Details. We won’t reveal all our secrets here, but we sweat the small stuff so you won’t have to. How many companies think about and recommend what shoes to wear, make sure you caffeine addicts have delicious fresh-brewed coffee available to you, make sure the camps can cater to your dietary needs, know how to get your delayed luggage delivered to you in the bush, give you a pre-departure checklist, and most importantly take care of everything for you from the minute you arrive to the moment you depart for home? Infinite Safari Adventures prides itself on all these things. We believe our job begins, not ends, when you book a trip with us. When you go on safari with us you will see that all logistics have been taken care of, the equipment is top of the line and in first class condition, the staff and guides are experienced, speak English well and know how to make a trip fun while at the same time safe and secure. Infinite Safari Adventures does all those things—and more. Responsiveness, Attention to Details, and a Passion for what we do is just part of what sets us apart. By now you know we love to talk – but even more, we love to listen.

We Were Clients Just Like You. We don’t approach our jobs like we are in the travel business. Instead our approach is that you are a friend who we are helping go on safari. We were clients just like you when we made my first trip to Africa in 2000. When starting Infinite Safari Adventures, we looked back and thought about what did we like and not like? What did we want to know that we weren’t told? How could we have been better prepared? We treat our clients as we expected to be treated when we were on safari. Our clients love the fact that they leave prepared, with all their questions answered and do not have to worry about anything except enjoying themselves and experiencing this magical place.

We Have Been There and Done That. Interested in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro? Yup we’ve done that. Diving in the Indian Ocean? Loved it. Tracking gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda? Incredible. Observed Chimps in the Mahale Mountains? Spectacular. Paddled in Zanzibar and on the Zambezi? Check. Witnessed Victoria Falls? Awesome. Stood at the Cape of Good Hope. Beautiful. Danced with the Maasai? Fun. We don’t like to send anyone anywhere or have them do anything that we have not done ourselves. It is why we are in Africa at least once a year exploring and researching. We don’t just arrange safaris— we experience them.

We Create A Safari That Is Best For You. Not What Is Easiest For Us. Africa is a vast continent. Three times larger than the United States. There is so much to see and do. That is why we listen to you first and then create a custom safari based on your interests, budget and schedule. It is one of the reason we don’t do group tours or set departures. This is your adventure of a lifetime. If you can dream it, we can probably do it.

We Have A Passion For Africa. On our first safari in 2000 we fell in love with Africa. This is our second career (I like to say that I am a reformed lawyer). It is a labor of love for us. We want you to come back from your safari as much in love with Africa as when we returned from our first trip. When you are passionate about something it shows.

We Give Back. Our passion continues with our commitment to give back to the people and communities that help create an incredible experience for you. We have been involved in funding educational opportunities for the Maasai, building water wells and supporting schools, participating in micro businesses and we are dedicated to preserving wildlife through our commitment to conservation. We are a trustee of the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. Feel confident that when you travel with Infinite Safari Adventures you are traveling with a socially responsible company.