Travel Insurance

To most people, buying travel insurance seems like a bad deal and a waste of money. And if you were traveling in the United States or Europe I would probably tend to agree with you. But traveling on safari is different from a U.S. or European vacation.

We at Infinite Safari Adventures strongly recommend that everyone going on safari with us purchase travel insurance. To make it easy for you (because that is what Infinite Safari Adventures does best) we have made arrangements with a company that searches through the top insurance companies and provides you multiple quotes to choose from.

Safari travel is very special, and because of that it comes with some special circumstances. Because lodges and camps are small, they cannot issue refunds if you must change or cancel your plans. If you do not go or if you are delayed, you run the risk of not only missing out on all the amazing experiences a safari has to offer but losing all of the money you paid for your trip. And as with any international trip, it pays to be covered not only for everyday inconveniences like lost luggage or a misplaced passport but if you need to be transported back home.

To get started simply click on

You can get a quote right online and review coverages and make comparisons. If one of these is the right insurance for you then a portion of your premium will be donated to Infinite Safari Adventures’ giving back programs. Please click on the link above so we can account for the premium and the amount to be donated to our giving back programs. You can also call my representative Brandon Hughbanks at 402-343-3636 and speak with someone directly. He is available Monday-Friday and will be happy to answer any questions for you. Let me know if you have any trouble getting a hold of him or his assistant.

What insurance you get and who you get it from is your decision (unlike other companies there is no pressure or obligation to purchase travel insurance through us), but we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to obtain travel insurance for your safari.